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Alabama's Confederate Monuments honor the 122,000
Alabama Veterans, who defended our people from
Lincoln's invasion to collect his oppressive taxes.

2 out of 3 Alabamians can trace their bloodline to a
Confederate Veteran.

Alabama's Memorial Preservation Law states:  
Monument located on public property may be
removed. (Period)"  

Shamefully, Attorney General Steve Marshall refuses
to enforce this law
by asking for a court order, requiring
cities to return the Monuments they have removed.

Please call Attorney General Steve Marshall at:
334-242-7300  and tell him to ask for a court order to
return our Confederate Monuments.

Please call him today at:
     Steve Marshall
Alabama Attorney General

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Alabama Attorney General Steve Marshall
refuses to enforce Alabama laws protecting
our Confederate Monuments!

Steve Marshall shamefully treats the $25,000 FINE for
violating the
Alabama Memorial Preservation Act,
as if it were merely a
LICENSE to permanently remove
our Monuments
, in violation of the Law.

Steve Marshall
ONLY collects the $25,000 fine and
then leaves the Monuments removed.

Alabama Code Section 41-9-232,
clearly states:    
No architecturally significant building, memorial
building, memorial street, or
monument which is located
on public property and has been so situated for 40 or
more years
may be relocated, removed, altered,
renamed, or otherwise disturbed.

The $25,000
FINE is obviously NOT an adequate
remedy that fulfills the
intent of the Law that
no Monument may be removed
, because the
Monuments still remain removed today
, in violation
of the
Memorial Preservation Act.

Steve Marshall should:
(1) Ask the Court to issue permanent injunctions,
requiring cities to return the Monuments they have
removed back to their original locations and
(2) Charge city officials with the misuse of public monies
for violating the Law when they removed the Monuments;
(3) Charge city officials with the crime of
Desecration of
Venerated Objects

Alabama Code - Section 13A-11-12, clearly states:
(a) A person commits the crime of desecration of
venerated objects if he intentionally: (1)
any public Monument
or structure or place of worship
or burial.

Please contact Attorney General Steve Marshall
and tell him to:
   Enforce the Law, by asking the Court to issue  
permanent injunctions,
requiring cities to return the
they have removed back to their original
locations and conditions.

Contact Steve Marshall at:

   Office of the Attorney General  
               P. O. Box 300152   
               Montgomery, AL 36130-0152  

Twitter:     Twitter AG Steve Marshall

Facebook:   Facebook AG Steve Marshall

Phone:     (334) 242-7300
Steve Marshall refuses to protect Confederate
Legal Duty of Alabama Attorney General Steve Marshall:
Alabama Code Section 36-15-12
Title 36, Chapter 15 -
Attorney General
Section 36-15-12 - Institution and prosecution of legal
proceedings in name of State.
“The Attorney General is authorized to institute and
prosecute, in the name of the State,
all civil actions and
other proceedings necessary to protect the rights
and interests of the State
Our Alabama Confederate Veterans