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Northern Permanent Slavery Amendment
Below is a copy of Page 251 from The United States Statutes At Large (1861)
showing the actual Constitutional Amendment (at bottom) that was passed by a
vote of over 66% of both Houses of the U. S. Congress, AFTER most Southern
States had withdrawn from the Union.

If ratified by the States, this Constitutional Amendment would have guaranteed
permanent slavery in the United States.
Above is the Northern Permanent Slavery Amendment that would have guaranteed
permanent slavery in the United States and which was passed by the U.S. Congress
on the same day the highest import tax in U. S. history was enacted, the Morrill Tariff
Act of 1861.

The Morrill Tariff Act, promoted by Abraham Lincoln during his Presidential Campaign,
raised import taxes on the Southern people from 20% to 40% to make rich Northern
monopolies richer.

Analysts saw Lincoln's Permanent Slavery Amendment as a ploy to cause Southern
States to return to the Union and pay Lincoln's new tax.

If the Southern States wanted slavery protected forever, then all they needed to do was
return to the Union and ratify this Constitutional Amendment and, of course, pay
Lincoln's new 40% tax.

Of course, the Southern States refused to return, because the issue to them was high,
unfair taxes and self-government, not slavery.

When the South refused to return to the United States, Abraham Lincoln ordered the
invasion of the Confederate States of America to collect the tax.    

Both of these Acts were passed by Congress one month before Lincoln started the
War Against Southern Independence by invading Charleston Harbor, South Carolina
with 11 heavily armed U. S. warships, for the sole purpose of collecting Lincoln's newly
passed 40% import tax on Southerners.