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Governor Surrenders To
Confederates Over Holiday Issue
MONTGOMERY (CHF) -  Alabama Governor Bob Riley's
anti-Confederate Holiday Bill was soundly defeated
during the 2004 Alabama Legislative Session.

In response to a united effort led by Confederate
Heritage Fund, the State's foremost Confederate political
action committee, Senate Bill 301, which would have
abolished the observance of the Confederate Memorial
Day Holiday on the 4th Monday in April, has been
withdrawn by its sponsor, State Senator Hank Erwin (R)
and its originator, Governor Bob Riley (R).

This surrender by Riley to Confederates was a major
victory for Southern heritage groups that has increased
their political clout, as was recently seen in Riley’s
Confederate Memorial Day remarks, in which he openly
praised Confederate Veterans and encouraged more
such celebrations.  

The Business Council of Alabama, considered to be the
left wing of the Republican Party, had recommended that
Governor Riley eliminate two Confederate Holidays to
supposedly save Alabama money.  

Confederates pointed out that Governor Riley, at his sole
discretion, gave State employees 2 extra taxpayer-paid
days off at Christmas and Thanksgiving, in addition to the
2 regular paid days off for these holidays.

"Had Bob Riley been sincere about reducing holiday time
off to save Alabama money, he would not have granted
these extra 2 days off for State employees," commented
Roger Broxton, President of Confederate Heritage Fund.

"We find the Governor's reasoning hypocritical."    

In spite of a strong public outcry objecting to the BCA's
plan, Governor Riley asked Republican Senators Hank
Erwin, Jabo Waggoner and Hap Myers to introduce
Senate Bill 301 that would combine Confederate
Memorial Day with Jefferson Davis’ Birthday, thus
eliminating the one Holiday especially set aside to honor
Alabama's Confederate Veterans.

Confederate Memorial Day was established to
remember the 122,000 Alabama Confederate Veterans
who fought and the 30,000 who died for the right to
govern themselves.

In response to the introducing of SB 301, Confederate
Heritage Fund developed a strategy to defeat the Bill:  
from a public hearing on the Bill in the Senate Finance
Committee, to phone calls, e-mails, letters, etc…  to
radio advertising in the sponsors' Senate Districts.

President of the Fund, Roger Broxton, called the
Alabama State House for a public hearing in the

At the hearing, a host of pro-Confederate leaders and
citizens from across Alabama spoke out against the
Senate Bill.  No one spoke for the Bill.

Afterwards, Confederates increased the calling pressure
on the Senators in the Finance Committee, as well as,
the sponsors of the Bill.

While others were holding the Senators’ feet to the fire,
Confederate Heritage Fund produced a radio ad to be
aired in the Senate District of the Bill’s sponsor, Senator
Hank Erwin.

To hear Confederate Heritage Fund's radio ad,
please go to the audio bar at
bottom of page and
click the "Play" button.  It may take several minutes
to download, depending on your type of Internet
connection and computer.

The radio ad would have exposed Erwin to his voters as
being against Alabama's Confederate Veterans, their
sacrifice and their history.

Senator Erwin heard about the radio ad and immediately
called Roger Broxton, saying he did not want
Confederate Heritage Fund's radio ad to run in his
Senate District.

Using a typical political ploy, Erwin then claimed that
Confederates were divided and offered to combine
Jefferson Davis’ Birthday with Confederate Memorial
Day, instead of the reverse.

Whereupon, Broxton told Senator Hank Erwin that
Confederates were not divided and "that the blood of our
Confederate Veterans and ancestors was not for sale at
any price, to anyone, at any time, for any reason and that
Confederate Heritage Fund would start running the radio
ad in the morning".          

Seeing this uncompromising unity and the radio ad about
to run in his Senate District, Erwin requested that Broxton
grant him 24 hours before running the ad, so he could talk
to the Governor about withdrawing the Bill.

Senator Erwin then called Governor Riley and met with
Republican Senators and they all agreed to withdraw the
Bill the next day.

The following day, Erwin and Riley publicly announced
that the Bill to eliminate a Confederate Holiday had been

Broxton expressed appreciation for the generous giving
from supporters across America that placed Confederate
Heritage Fund on the front lines in this fight to save these
Confederate Holidays.
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Alabama Governor Bob Riley (R)
withdraws his anti-Confederate
Holiday Bill during the 2004
Legislative Session.
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