Confederate Heritage Fund
          P. O. Box 771
Andalusia, Alabama 36420
Battle Flag Memorial Built
Near Florida Line
LOCKHART (CHF) - Phase 4 of the Battle Flag
Memorial Project by Confederate Heritage Fund has
been completed in Lockhart, Alabama on State
Highway 55, a major Florida beach route.

The Memorial honors Confederate Veterans who
served during Lincoln's War Against Southern
Independence (1861-1865).

18 tons of concrete form the 8 x 8 x 6 foot high pyramid
shaped base for the 40 foot high steel Flagpole, on
which flies an 8 x 12 foot Confederate Battle Flag.

So far, 2 of the 4 Plaques have been mounted on the
concrete base.

The First Plaque lists the names of persons who
donated the funds necessary to begin building the

The Second Plaque documents the causes and early
history of the War.

The Third Plaque will relate the major battles and events
of the War, while the Fourth Plaque will deal with the
War's consequences and list the number of
Confederate States Veterans from the County, the State
and our Nation who served, died and were wounded.
Battle Flag Memorial on State
Highway 55 in Lockhart, Alabama
with 2 of 4 Plaques mounted.
Second Plaque:  The Cause of Lincoln's Tax War.
First Plaque:  Donors from all across America who gave the
seed money to begin this Battle Flag Memorial Project.
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Third Plaque:  Lincoln's Tax War Battles 1861 - May, 1863.