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Lincoln's Tax War WASHINGTON (CHF) -  
Lincoln and Congress declared in ALL official acts and
statements the United States invaded the Confederate
only to collect a 40% Federal import tax.
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Governor Surrenders To
Confederates Over Holiday Issue
MONTGOMERY (CHF) -   Alabama Governor Bob Riley's
(R) anti-Confederate Holiday Bill was soundly defeated
during the 2004 Alabama Legislative Session.
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Battle Flags Across Alabama
ANDALUSIA (CHF) -  Confederate Heritage Fund's Battle
Flags Across Alabama Project has been enthusiastically
received and the Fund has installed
345 Confederate
Battle Flags and Flagpoles (2003-2009).  
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Lawsuit Against Governor Saves
Confederate Capitol Grounds
MONTGOMERY (CHF) - On January 14, 2002, Roger
Broxton, President of Confederate Heritage Fund filed a
lawsuit in Montgomery Circuit Court against Governor Don
Siegelman (D) and the Alabama Historical Commission to
prevent the destruction of the most historic piece of real
estate of the Confederate States of America, the Alabama
Capitol Grounds.
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Battle Flag Memorial Built Near
Florida Line
LOCKHART (CHF) - Phase 4 of the Battle Flag Memorial
Project by Confederate Heritage Fund has been
completed in Lockhart, Alabama on State Highway 55, a
major Florida beach route.  
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